Astro Glass is a part of Saban Acikgoz Ins. Malz. San. Tic. A. S.

Saban Acikgoz A.S. was establised in 1955 as construction materials wholesaler in Edirne. The group decided to invest in Tourism sector and built two hotels in Edirne.

Manufacturing facility of PVC doors and windows was established in 1990 as being the first manufacturer around the region. Manufacturing of double glazing units was started in 1994.

Our company gained experience in glass industry by producing double glazing units and decided to establish tempered glass production facility. First facility was established in Edirne in 2008 and second one was established in Çerkezköy in Industrial Zone in 2013. Thanks to our customers who are satisfied with our price-quality standards, our production volume has been increasing day by day. At present, our facilities are capable of satisfying both domestic and foreign markets.

Our facilities have been operating since they were first established and annual tempering capacity is around 700.000 m². Due to our quality requirements, most of the processing machines are European made.

Our company instantly gathers data from production processes via using a tailor made software which increases productivity, decreases complexity and helps out reaching data of production very fastly.

As Industry 4.0 Revolution is being accepted these days, our factory works to keep up with this revolution.


As a solution partner for the leading brands in Turkey and abroad, being always the first company to preffered to work with.


To be production and export base of Europe by producing high value-added goods and services.

Our Values

We aim to make a difference on each job we do with the help of our team who love their job.

We are concious that good quality is achieved with the help of well-trained employees. Our team work hard to meet the quality expectations.

We are conscious of our customers’ needs and price / quality specifications and work on meeting worldwide standards.

We care about being a partner with our customers rather than being just a supplier.

We promise on what we really can do and we aproach our promises as our duties.

We have a deep understanding of being responsible to the environment and put our best effort to manage our operations through these responsbilities.

Contact Information

İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Eskoop Sanayi Sitesi C8 Blok No:503 Başakşehir / İstanbul / Turkey
Email: info@astrocam.com.tr