Shower Enclosure Glass

Shower Enclosure Glasses, Balustrade Glasses, Partition Walls Glasses

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Household Appliances Glass

Refrigerator, Cooker Hood, Oven Glasses

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Exterior Architectural Glass

Solar Control Glasses for Exterior Architectural

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Edging Process

Edging process is performed to rasp glass’ sharp edges. Our high speed production lines produce flat edged (T edge) glass with mat or polished finish to accommodate products for tempering or next process.

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Hole Drilling

Hole drilling process is performed with standard countersink or deep countersink according to customers installation requirements.

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Tempering Process

Heating and cooling stages in order to give permanent compressive stress on outer surfaces of glass on horizontal line and an indirect tensile stress to the middle of glass.

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CNC Processing

CNC processing is performed to process glass’ edge or surface according to projects requirements.

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Water Recycle System

Our plant recycles water which is used at glass processing via filtering system. As water is filtered, glass powder is removed and discharged to big-bags.

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Production Planning

Our company instantly gathers data from production processes via using specially prepared software which increases productivity, decreases complexity and helps out reaching data of production very fastly.

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İstanbul Office

İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Eskoop Sanayi Sitesi C8 Blok No:503 Başakşehir / İstanbul

Tel: +90 212 549 7942

Çerkezköy Factory

Çerkezköy O.S.B Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Mah. 16.Sk. No:9 Çerkezköy / Tekirdağ

Tel: +90 282 726 2722

Edirne Factory

Kocasinan Mah. Kırklareli Kavşağı No:6 Merkez / Edirne

Tel: +90 284 226 0118

Edirne Office

Çilingirler Caddesi No:9 Merkez / Edirne

Tel: +90 284 212 1482